Kickoff Day

January 7, 2017
Written by Marcus Tuen Muk

On January 7th, Team 4001 went to Hilton Garden Inn for the 2017 FRC Kickoff. We watched the kickoff videos for this year’s gameplay, STEAMWORKS. After all the videos and reviewing the game manual, all the members of Team 4001 who came started the brainstorm on what is the best way to get the most points, the best course of action and what we should focus on. During that time, we focused our thoughts on how to collect and deliver the gears as they are worth the most points. However, we found that there might not be enough time to get all the rotors moving, as the points that are given depends on the number of rotors running. Since that was an issue, we then considered earning points through shooting balls (“fuel”) in the boiler. Of course, there were still issues because there would be a processing time between collecting the balls into the robot and shooting them. However, since we had a lot of different issues and factors to consider, it was important for us to also calculate the amount of time that we have, to gain the most amount of points. In the end, we left our ideas open ended and waited until to Monday, January 9th to discuss them, so this way we could get more opinions from the rest of our team. Thank you to Mr. Chirrey for getting a room for us to use, Ms. Koon for supervising and to everyone who came to the kick off!