Greater Toronto Central Regional 2016, FIRST Stronghold

Day 1

The day kicked off with the opening ceremony, and a few guest speakers. The excitement for the matches to begin, could be felt within the atmosphere of the preparation for competition. Our day began very early, seeing as we had one of the first matches of the day. The team members that sat in the stands got organized quickly, so they could begin their scouting. This was most of our team members first time not only at the Greater Toronto Central Regional robotics competition, but also at their very first FIRST competition. Everyone was excited to see our robot in action. Our day began with a rocky start in the competition, but we knew that we would be able to pull through, and as the day progressed, so did we - within the rankings. At the end of day one, we were sitting in the middle of the pack, with high hopes that day two would increase our standings.

Day 2

Team 4001 had a very successful second day at the regional qualifiers. The day kicked off with many guest speakers including the president of FIRST Canada. Our team battled through the competition and climbed up in the rankings during the final matches of the qualifiers. After the qualification matches were over, we stood in fourth place overall. During alliance selection, we were chosen to be in an alliance with the first seed team, Team 3683, Team DAVE. Joining our alliance was also Team 5039, IRISH IRON. All was going well during our first quarterfinal match against the 8th alliance, Team 781, Team 5834, and Team 854, until our circuit board was hit. We were still able to win against the 8th alliance, but we had many technical difficulties. Due to the condition of our robot, our alliance made the decision to have us sit out the next match because we were confident that with the extra time, we could be able to fix our robot and test it. We were also confident that we could still be able to win even without the help of our team in this match (still against the 8th alliance). Our alliance then fought a 2 vs 3 match, which we won in a tight match, by a margin of one point. In the short time that was available, the drivers, builders, and programmers worked hard and efficiently to fix the robot. Our team moved on to the semifinals, and played two difficult matches. We were able to win those too, which qualified us to play in the finals. Members from Team 3683, Team DAVE, and Team 5039, IRISH IRON, and members from our own team were all very excited. We all wanted the win, and we knew that we could achieve it. Throughout the final matches of the day, which determined the Greater Toronto Central Regional champions, we fought hard and came out on top. All three teams, in our alliance, cheered and celebrated as the final score came up to determine who the champions were. After a long day, we were champions of the Greater Toronto Central Regional's. We also walked away with the Creativity Award, which gave our team another dose of happiness. 

We would like to congratulate all the teams who competed at the Greater Toronto Central Regional; everyone did amazing. We would also like to thank Team 3683, Team DAVE our alliance captain, and Team 5039, IRISH IRON, for being on an alliance with us, and helping us to achieve all our wins.