Rogers Daytime TV and Aerospace Ontario Research and Tech Week

Today was a busy day for our two captains, Celina Tang and Erich Phang-Lyn, as well as one of our senior team members Kelly Yuan. They started off the morning with a visit to Rogers Daytime TV, where they represented our Team 4001 as well as FIRST Canada on the local TV station. They talked about FIRST, what went into building their robot, and their personal experiences on the team. They were also asked to demonstrate our robot; we only showed our ability to drive and shoot low goals since shooting high goals and climbing are unsafe and could lead to technical difficulties in the facility.


 Shortly afterwards, they arrived back at school just in time for third period before heading off again, but this time to the Aerospace Ontario Research and Tech week at the Toronto Congress Centre. We were joined there by fellow FRC team, Team 1325 Inverse Paradox. We discussed topics similar to what they had previously discussed at Rogers Daytime TV. They also went more in depth on their personal experiences and outreach. Topics such as coop at one of our sponsors, Quanser, starting and mentoring teams in China, and the role we play in FLL. They had a long day promoting our team, but enjoyed every minute of it.