2016 Kick-off Day: Stronghold

The cafeteria tables at St. Robert Catholic High School were filled with Team 4001 members, eagerly awaiting the reveal of this year's FIRST robotics game.

The name of the game was revealed to be, FIRST Stronghold. Teams are required to build a robot that would, with 2 other alliances, attempt to capture and defeat the enemy‚Äôs tower. Robots must first go through a line of defensive obstacles and then throw boulders through the towers in order to weaken their strength.

This day has brought excitement and anticipation in the students. As the live-stream ended, the team immediately got to work. All of the students settled down to read the manual filled with more details about the game and rules. Afterwards, the team split into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas. Each group came up with different strategies on how to approach this game. This led to a group discussion on robot designs, pertaining to the strategies discussed earlier. A couple of students even took to the whiteboard to draw out all the types of obstacles that the robots would be facing on the court. Everybody shared their thoughts on how we would approach this game.

We look forward to the six week build season and accomplishing our high expectations of the competition season.