Scotiabank Agile Workshop

December 19, 2016
Written by Chantal Cheung

It was a pleasure to meet the students and staff of the St. Roberts Robot Challenge program, to see some of the amazing stuff that they are working on and, hopefully, to have given them some ideas on how to harness agile for this year’s competition. Remember; agile is a mindset. Go Team 4001!
— Sandra, Carlos and Peter from Scotiabank

What does it mean to be agile? This was the question that Peter, Carlos and Sandra from Scotiabank came to help us answer. Adaptability to change, innovation and delivering value, collaboration with people, being outcome-oriented, the SCRUM framework… Not only did Team 4001 learn about these concepts, but we were also taught how to apply them into our work as a team. Through multiple activities led by Scotiabank, we were able to learn that responding to change is often more important than following a plan. So we would like to thank the Agile team from Scotiabank for coming in and helping us further better ourselves as a team. Through this experience we were able to discover how to adapt and collaborate, deliver outcomes with value, and most importantly, be agile.