Sharing Her Story: President at Lexmark Canada, Melanie Hudson

December 8, 2016
Written by Chantal Cheung

I truly enjoyed meeting Team 4001.  You are a special group and a lifetime of opportunities await you no matter the path you choose to pursue.  Embrace those opportunities with a clear sense of purpose and direction and you will have much success.  Most importantly, remember to take care of yourself first as you will not be able to thrive and help others without a healthy ‘You!’
— Melanie Hudson, President at Lexmark Canada

An empowering figure in the technology industry, Melanie Hudson, the President at Lexmark Canada, came today to share her story of hard work and dedication with Team 4001. Through sharing her valuable experiences and the challenges she has faced, Ms. Hudson inspired and motivated us to work hard in our journey to achieve our goals. Not only did she remind us to pursue what we love, but she also encouraged us to be open-minded towards the millions of opportunities this world has to offer. After sharing how she found her passion in the technology industry, Ms. Hudson kindly took the time to answer any questions, and speak to us individually to help us discover our future career path. We would like thank Ms. Hudson for travelling all the way to St. Robert Catholic High School, and for dedicating her valuable time to help us in our journey to success. We wish you happiness and success in your future endeavors!

Photography by Willson Wang