Promoting FLL in the Community!

The spring of 2015, our team members helped to conduct library sessions for elementary school students to promote FIRST spirit in the community. The basics of robotics, such as the use of sensors and simple mechanics, where taught to them during six weeks of activities and fun.

Our team members really enjoyed working with young children, who always had a lot of curiosity and energy. 

The kids were very intrigued by what we were teaching about the robots. I felt so happy when they looked so captivated. Many of them had very great leadership and a good sense of teamwork and responsibility. I can see them having a bright future in FIRST.
— Celina

A couple of the team mentors were also involved in this program to help more students open their eyes to FIRST. Ms. Koon and Mr. Keenan helped to organize these classes at the library and provided the students with necessary equipment and tools. They were also delighted to see that these library sessions were a great success.