Team 4001 was established in October 2011 at St. Robert Catholic High School. It began when the teachers in the technological studies department, and principal Jennifer Sarna were approached by Quanser, a mechatronics firm based in Markham, Ontario. The company had a proposal to form a FIRST Robotics team at St. Robert. Team 4001 was made possible through monetary support, and engineering mentors. Various teachers from the technological studies departments agreed to take on the challenge of developing a robotics team within the St. Robert community.  Since its inception, the team has developed a process to recruit and train its members.  Tryouts are held in the Fall where teachers and student leaders observe applicants’ dedication and knowledge in the robotics field.  During this preseason period, technical training sessions are held after school to help members gear up for the upcoming season.  During the six-week build phase, students design, build and program their very own robot.  Today, Team 4001 is a composed, and hardworking group of approximately 30 core students and a whole of approximately 180 students, from St. Robert Catholic High School with six successful seasons and an abundance of robotics experience. Year after year, the robotics community at St. Robert CHS continues to grow and expand as a result of our devoted members, as well as, new and eager students. Three faculty members are also significant members of our growing community.