Team 4001’s mission is to provide an opportunity for students who are interested in robotics and technology, with an outlet to express and employ their ideas. Our team provides an extension of STEAM programs for the students interested in pursuing a career in these fields. Team members are engaged in collaborative projects while learning from their peers and mentors. Our mentors include teachers, FIRST alumni, and sponsors who are able to bring their expertise from various backgrounds to the team. Team 4001 strongly believes in community involvement and cooperation with other teams and fulfills these goals by hosting engineering workshops for rookie teams, a local FIRST Lego League competition, and releasing tutorials on the team YouTube channel.

Team 4001 participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an international robotics league where high school teams build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks. Team 4001, with guidance from various mentors, and materials provided from its generous sponsors, independently designs and assembles a new and innovative robot for each season of competition. In addition to engineering, the team focuses strongly on advertising and marketing, to promote Team 4001 and FIRST within the community. We are able to sustain our team through the dedication of our teachers and students who help inspire the students to pursue their interest in the STEAM fields. Team 4001 utilizes a large scope of promotional items, from t-shirts, branded chocolate bars and pens, and also social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to reach out to others.