FIRST is a non-profit organization aimed to help children of all ages get involved with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) programs. They have four different programs to encourage kids of all ages to pursue an interest and a career in a STEM field. Programs are mentor-assisted. and students are encouraged to pursue a STEAM field, as well as become good members of society. FIRST was founded in 1989, and created by Dean Kamen. FIRST is more than robots

FIRST is more than robots. It is a fun, and educational program for people of all ages. Students are taught valuable skills such as problem solving, and innovative thinking in a fun environment, while getting hands on experience in the STEAM field. Professionals mentor teams, collaborative and creative thinking are taught, and you apply everything that you learn. Real world challenges are given to students, with time and budget restraints that requires thinking outside of the box, literally.

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